An Ode to Summer: 7 Things I’m Keen for Now That the Sun’s Out

If you, like me, live down under in Australia then I’m sure you’ve noticed the temperatures steadily rising, the days getting that little bit longer and the sun shining that little bit brighter every day.

My Instagram feed is starting to fill up with beachy shots from my actual friends, not just the aspirational bikini brands and fitness model pages I follow, and, perhaps the most definitive signal that summer is well and truly on the way, McDonalds has started running its Monopoly ticket campaign! Bring on the drive-thru frozen coke spiders and McFlurrys on the way to the beach, am I right? (Not sponsored by Maccas, just a die-hard fan).

Here are 7 more things I’m super excited for now that the weather is warming up!

  1. Coastal Walks

For me, there’s nothing better than getting outside and burning a few calories before cooling off in the ocean or sitting down to a beachside brunch (RIP house deposit), but even if you’re not the biggest fan of working up a sweat, there’s no dispute that Sydney has some of the most breathtaking coastal views in the world. Rather than trying to find a parking spot at the always packed Bondi beach, I like to drive up to Coogee, Bronte or Clovelly and walk from there.

Other favourites of mine include the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk in Palm Beach (short but steep) and the walk to Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park. The beauty of living in Sydney is that there are so many pretty places to explore, and most of them are easy to access, fitted with amenities and close to cafes and shops so we can easily refuel afterwards!

Standing on this rock may be illegal and unsafe but it’s oh so Instagram-able.
  1. Trips to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have so many fun memories there from when my dad used to take my brother and me bushwalking as kids (stopping by the lolly shops in Katoomba on the way back), camping up there with my school in Year 5, swimming in the waterfalls during the semester break and even my celebrating my cousin’s wedding up there last year.

The whole region is just so unassuming and relaxing. Even on the drive up, the roads are usually empty, and everything feels slower. Now that the weather is warming up, if you can’t reach me on my phone, blame the lack of reception in the Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters in The Blue Mountains
  1. Swimming (Everywhere and Always)

Summer and swimming, it’s really a no brainer. Whether it’s heading 5 minutes up the road to the local pool to swim laps or trekking out a bit further to find a scenic spot, we’re really spoilt for choice in Australia when it comes to watering holes where we can cool off. Some of my favourite places to go for a swim (that haven’t already been mentioned) are Wattamolla in the Royal National Park and Bents Basin towards good old Penrith.

PSA: for anyone who holds back from swimming in summer due to body insecurities, you do not need to live up to society’s “bikini body” standards or rock visible abs to qualify. Trust me, no one is looking at you at the beach, just wear what you want and jump right in!

  1. Shorts and Skirts

There isn’t really much to say here besides that pants and jeans are the devil I can’t wait to stash them in the back of my wardrobe for another six months in favour of cute shorts, skirts and dresses.

“Why do you always wear pants then?” I hear you ask. Well, my laser lady and I may have taken a bit of a break over winter, but now that it’s bare leg season, I’ve come crawling back. Ain’t nobody got time to be shaving their legs every day.

giphy (11)
preach Cookie
  1. Longer Days

One of my favourite things about summer is that even though each day still goes for 24 hours, the sun is up for so much longer. Waking up to no frost on the car and leaving work or Uni at 6pm while the sky is still light is a huge mood booster for me.

What’s more, I’m much more inclined to stay out late with my friends rather than calling it at 8pm (when I start to lose feeling in my fingers from the cold and am on the verge of falling asleep). Everyone knows: the later the hour, the better the banter.

sunset bar
Watching the sun set with friends, it doesn’t get much better.
  1. Topping Up My Tan

When I was much younger, all I wanted was to be whiter. That was until I realised that everyone and everything looks better with a tan. Since I have no idea how to fake tan (it sounds like a lot of effort), I always take sunny days as the perfect opportunities to get that natural glow.

Thanks to my natural melanin, I don’t burn easily, but I would be remiss not to stress the importance of sun protection for everyone- especially in Australia where we have a giant hole in our ozone layer. Weirdly enough, the threat of skin cancer isn’t enough to scare me into wearing sunscreen regularly (Sorry Nanna), but the thought of premature ageing and the proliferation of freckles on my cheeks is. Thankfully, SPF15+ is built into most daily face creams and foundations, but I like to wear an extra layer of SPF50+ in summer, just to be safe.

giphy (13)
Do it for Lizzie Mcguire
  1. Summer Food + Drinks

I love all food and I don’t discriminate. That being said, there’s just something special about food cooked on an open fire or outdoor grill, whether it’s the sausage sizzle at Bunnings on a Saturday morning, a seafood BBQ by the beach or just grilling up some skewers in the backyard. For me, summer food is a mix of nostalgia and tradition, cold beers and warm smiles, family and friends.

giphy (14).gif
Throw another…

Finally, no article about the positive aspects of summer would be complete without giving a shout out to my favourite cold drinks and desserts. Iced coffee, Iced milk tea (with pearls ofc), frozen coke, gelato, magnums and paddle pops. Watch out, because I’m coming for you <3.

giphy (16).gif
Actual footage of me in summer.

Are you a summer or a winter person? What are your favourite things about summer where you’re from? Comment below!