10 Reasons Why Peep Show is a Gift To Us All

Although being wary at first that U.K. sitcom Peep Show, starring comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb, would be an uncomfortably erotic hole-in-the-wall experience (as the title suggests), I’m so glad that I did finally give in and give it a go.

The TV series has been described as a grown up version of the Inbetweeners, and while that’s accurate in some ways, I feel like this show was just that much more outrageous and clever (and fried).

If you haven’t yet seen it, then first of all, where have you been?

Second of all, please immediately clear out your weekend and scab your best friend’s Netflix password because you’re in for a healthy 9 series, 54 episodes, or roughly 21 hours and 36 minutes of socially awkward, self-conscious, self-centred, British comedy gold at it’s finest.

Here are 10 reasons why I think the cult-classic Peep Show is due for a re-watch:

  1. Mark’s brutally self-aware internal monologue,
credit: gifer.com

2. The unwavering and unapologetic hedonism of Jez,

credit: giphy.com

3. And who could forget, Super Hans’ classic one liners.

credit: paragraphfilmreviews.com

4. It’s the definitive guide to relationships in your 20s and 30s…

credit: sofeminine.co.uk

5. …And the characters model a balanced approach to health and fitness.

credit: giphy.com

6. Viewers are blessed with plenty of sage career advice…

credit: Channel 4

7. …And there’s no doubt that the show taught us everything we know about Modern History…

credit: gifglobe.com

8. …All while we learned about responsible family planning!

credit: gifglobe.com

9. It deals with some pretty deep existential truths…

credit: gifer.com

10. But best of all, Peep Show isn’t afraid to face the really BIG issues and tell it like it is

credit: gifer.com







Are you a fan of Peep Show? What’s your favourite episode? (Mine’s the one where everyone gets sectioned).

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Peep Show is a Gift To Us All

    1. Yesss, I’ve only ever seen the latter two but I’m also a huge fan of their panel shows like Would I Lie To You and QI, if you like those comedians then you’ll like this show, although be warned, it gets very very weird

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